About Our Poms

Pepco Sports are made by hand, to order, from the plastic, metallic, holographic, laser and vinyl (Wet-Look) materials in the USA. Our factory is located in a small rural community just south of Houston, Texas.

All of our materials and manufacturing standards are high quality, ensuring that our poms are durable and of lasting value. They are waterproof, shed proof and fade resistant. Our color standards are consistent with the sport colors and color standards across the industry.

These standards and our ability to customize our poms have made Pepco Sports the preferred pom by professional sports organizations, Cheerleading organizations, dance squads, collegiate teams, high schools and junior highs all around the world!


Show Poms are our most popular line of cheerleader poms. Standard Show Poms feature 1,024 - 3/4" wide streamers in any length you choose from 4 to 12 inches. There are 8 different pom handles from which to choose.

Junior Poms have 25% less strands that full size poms and are available in up to 7 inches in length.

Lite Poms feature 50% less streamers than full poms and are also available in up to 7 inches in length.

Pom Balls are similiar to Lite Poms in streamer counts and size but feature no pom handle at all, and have an option for elastic band so they can be worn on your hand or finger. 

In addition to 3/4" standard show widths, our poms are also available in Narrow 1/2", Wide 1" and Super Wide 2" sizes. 3/16" widths are featured on our Classic Shaker line of poms. 

Narrow and Wide poms have the same amount of material as the standard shows but because of the different widths have a either higher or lower number of strands. Full Size Narrow Poms feature 1,536 - 1/2" strands. Full Size Wide Poms have 768 - 1" strands. Narrow and Wide poms are also available in Junior, Lite and Pom Ball styles.

Super Wide Poms feature 384 - 2" wide streamers and are available in Solid, Mixed and Half and Half styles.

Classic Shakers are available in plastic, metallic and holographic materials and the streamer counts and sizes vary by style code.


Our most popular styles are Solids, one color and Mixed, in two or three colors. But we also offer Half and Half, Target and Bullseye styles.

Half and Halfs are two colors - one on each end usually attached to a Baton or Baton Elastic Handle.

Targets feature two colors - one on the outside and one in.

Bullseyes are available in either two or three colors.

In addition to these styles we also offer Pom Add Ons. These add-ons can be added to any style of pom. 

Metallic or Holographic Glitter (5 to 8% additional Metallic streamers, 3/16" wide) can be added in one or two colors. 

Metallic or Holographic Flash (20% additional Metallic streamers, 3/4" wide) can also be added and also combined with Glitter.


Pepco Poms are made from the finest materials available in a wide range of colors. Below is a complete chart of every color of pom we have. These materials can be combined to create a mixed style of pom.

Mixed Material Poms feature two different kinds of material like metallic and plastic. 

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