Designed to adhere to a vehicle door or other metal surface, these car magnets affix and remove easily, unlike messy decals or stickers. Digitally printed on 30 mil magnetic sheeting covered with a white matte finish.  These magnets are waterproof, fade resistant and designed for long lasting outdoor use.


Minimum Order: 2 units


Instructions for use:

Clean and dry the magnet and metal surface before use. Place the magnet on a flat surface and avoid indentions and molding. Before applying magnet be sure that all paint, clear coat, and wax has been properly cured. Do not place magnet on horizontal surface such as a hood. Magnets will only hold to surfaces with high metal content, please be sure magnet is securely adhered to surface before use. Remove and clean magnet and surface daily. Remove by lifting entire magnet away from the surface. Do not pull magnet across surface. Do not use magnet in temperatures above 130 degrees.